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Pricing is based on printing from print-ready PDF files. Book interiors are printed black ink only on your choice of paper.

Prices include cover printed 4/0 on 10pt C1S (coated one side) with either gloss or *matte lamination.

  • Printing on inside covers is $0.50 per book

  • *Matte lamination is $0.60 per book

  • First two online soft proofs are free, each additional proof is $25

  • Unbound hard copy proof which will show trim marks is $30, includes shipping (Cover will not be laminated)

  • Bound hard copy proof is $80, includes shipping (Cover will not be laminated)

  • Price based on ink coverage not to exceed 20% (See example)

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Once you submit your print-ready files, our prepress team will review them to ensure that they are prepared correctly and in accordance with our print specifications. You will be notified of any concerns we have about your print file preparation, and you will receive clear instructions if edits are required.

  • Due to ongoing issues in the Paper Industry supply chain, resulting
    in paper shortages and delays, our quote and turnaround may be
    subject to change at time of order.

    Price does not include shipping — shipping costs billed separately. Pennsylvania deliveries subject to sales tax.


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What’s the right book paper for your book printing? It’s a common question, and it’s not easy to answer. It really depends on each publisher or artist’s preference, and there’s obviously a lot of variation in design and style from designer to designer. Plus, Keystone offers eighteen choices of interior text stock to choose from—that’s not common for a short-run digital book printer.


What’s the most popular book paper for black and white interiors?

By far, it’s our 60-lb. cream trade book at 436 PPI (pages per inch). For poetry, academic titles, and novels, it’s the number one choice, and least half of our books print on it.

Second in place is our 50-lb. Boise offset white at 520 PPI, which is the most common choice for bound galleys. It’s an economical choice; our 50-lb. cream trade book high bulk antique is the same rate, so also keep that in mind as an option.

Book Paper


What’s the most popular book paper for color interiors?

Our color book interiors split into two camps: coated paper versus uncoated paper.

For coated stock, the most common choice is our 80-lb. matte- or gloss-coated white at 510 PPI. It’s a good weight with good opacity. The smooth surface of the stock is a plus for reproducing artwork with a lot of detail. We also offer matte- and gloss-coated white stock at 70- and 100-lb. as well.

Book Paper

For uncoated stock, the most common choice is our 80-lb. white opaque smooth at 382 PPI. It’s also a good weight with good opacity and is smooth (though not as smooth as coated stock) for good print coverage. Uncoated stock is a great look for color printing, and it’s gaining popularity. Uncoated stock also offers a nice contrast to our color printing’s characteristics. We use Xerox 800/1000s, and with heavy coverage the result is rich tones, which stand out on an uncoated paper.

Book Paper

We do have clients who print color interiors on our cream or natural uncoated stocks too. Depending on your content, it may be the right choice for you.

Book Paper


What’s the most popular book paper for the cover?

Hands down, it’s our 10-pt. C1S (coated one side) cover stock, with a gloss or matte lay-flat film lamination. Another option is the 12-pt. C1S, but really, 90% of the books we produce use the 10-pt.

Still wondering what book paper to choose?

Get a quote! Budget is always a factor when choosing a book paper—the heavier the weight, the higher the cost.

Ask me for a paper stock sampler! Just let us know your address. And lastly, we’re always happy to send a 10-page test print to you as well, so you can see the paper firsthand before proofs.


Spine Width: For more information see cover layout.