Shipping and Turnaround


After your book has been completed, it is packed for shipping. We use 8.5x11x12 inch or 9x12x12 inch boxes, depending on the book size.

See the chart at right to determine the approximate weight of each box, depending upon the number of pages and book dimensions. Typically, the boxes for 6x9 books weigh 43 lbs. each and the 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11 boxes weigh 34 lbs. each.

Figure out your shipping cost

Our carrier of choice is United Parcel Service. To get an idea of their cost to deliver your books, visit You will need to know:

1. The delivery address zip code

2. Our zip code of 19301

3. The box size and weight for your book from the chart at right.





Turnaround Time (Add Transit Time)


Proof Copy

1-2 Business Days

Completed Books 50 to 500 copies

5-10 Business Days

Completed Books 550 to 2,000 copies

5-15 Business Days

KD Press shall make commercially reasonable efforts to print and ship books within the turnaround times specified. From time to time, large variations in order volume, equipment failure, order transmission problems, or the handling of operational issues may cause the delay of a shipment. The publisher should consider the possibility of delays in setting expectations and commitments with their customers.