What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum book order quantity is 50 books.

What is your minimum and maximum book size?

Our minimum book size is 4" x 4". Our maximum size is 9" wide x 12" high.

I am ready to submit my book! Where do I upload my files?

Before you upload, we ask that you fill out our Order Form. Once we receive your order, we will provide an upload link for your files. If you have trouble with our uploader, you may also use Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail or similar, to send us a download link to your files. After we receive your files we will review them, and then send your invoice with instructions for submitting payment.

I am ready to place my order. When do I pay?

In order to create an invoice and receive payment from you, we will need to know all the specifications of your book order, so start with filling out an Order Form. After we receive your files, we will review them, send an invoice and instructions for payment. Orders which total $1000 or less require full payment in advance of production. Orders greater than $1000 require a 50% deposit to begin production, and the final balance before the order is shipped.

I do not know how to use InDesign, Photoshop etc.

In order to make your books, we require print ready PDF files. We recommend using InDesign to create your book, but however you can provide a PDF is fine, as long as it meets our requirements. You can find file preparation instructions here. If you do not know how to layout your own book, we are happy to send you referrals for designers. We do not have the resources to teach you how to use professional layout applications. Our services are intended for graphic arts professionals, and we feel strongly that good, competent design is the most important part of making a great book. If you do not have the skills necessary to layout your book on your own, please contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch with a good designer.

My book includes black and white photography. What image type is best for such prints?

When printing a book containing black and white photography, image files can be either Grayscale or Color. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and the choice depends on personal preference, image type, and cost.

Grayscale image files will print in K only, which means only black dots will be used to render the image. This assures a completely neutral image. However, it also means that the fine detail, smoothness, and print density gained from using all four colors on the press (CMYK) will be lost. Therefore grayscale images have a lower potential print resolution than color prints.

Color black and white images will make use of all four colors on the press. The advantages are that a rich black can be obtained, greater print resolution will be achieved, and thus the print will show smoother transitions and fine detail. The disadvantage is that four-color (CMYK) prints cannot be truly neutral. This is especially true when the print is viewed under various light sources. As Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow will be in the print, those colors will inevitably shift the color of the print away from neutral gray.

Finally, it is important to understand that black and white images printed with color files are very sensitive to minute shifts in color density. Humidity and temperature changes which occur throughout the day are enough to visibly alter the appearance of this type of print. For example, even a 1% shift in Magenta density on the press can be seen in some 'black and white' images. This type of density shift is not apparent with standard color images. These tiny changes are within the tolerances of a printing press and outside of the control of the press operator. It is important to understand and accept this fact in advance of your order such that you can have realistic expectations with regard to print neutrality.

When printing color black and white photography, we strongly suggest using Adobe 1998. This profile tends to get the best results with our presses. If printing grayscale files, Grayscale Gamma 1.8 and 2.2 both print equally well. The best way to decide which image type to use with your work is to run sample prints from your files on our presses. You can supply us with both color and grayscale files, and we will print them at no cost. Viewing the results before you design your book file will save time and prevent issues later on.

How do I determine the page count of my book?

One sheet of paper has two pages, so if you have a 100 page book you would have 50 sheets of paper. When entering your page count in our order form, please use the page count (not the sheet count). When laying out your book, keep in mind that even page numbers are on the left, and uneven page numbers are on the right. Therefore the first page of your book will always be on the right side.

What is included in a proof?

A proof is a fully printed hard copy of your book order including all printed items, such as contents trimmed to size, printed covers and inset images. Please note that proofs are unbound and cover proofs are not laminated. Proofs are not made for linen covers and/or foil stamped and screen printed elements.

How long does it take to get a proof?

We require payment in full (or a 50% deposit for orders over $1000) before we can print your proof. After receiving payment, proofs are sent within 1-2 business days. We use USPS Priority, which is a 1-3 day service depending on your location. If you need your proof more quickly, you can request UPS Next Day Air for an additional $60, or UPS 2nd Day Air for $30 additional.

I need my books faster and do not have time for proofing. Can I go straight to production without printing a proof?

We generally require every order to have a proof. However, if absolutely necessary it is possible to make an exception and forego the proof. If you decide to proceed with your order without having seen a proof, the final printing will be at your own risk. While we of course monitor print quality to the best of our ability, we are not responsible for errors such as typos, low resolution images, design, layout or color issues. If you are aware and agree to this, we can move forward with an order without a proof.

Can I order only a proof of my book?

Printed ‘hard’ proofs are part of your book order, and are listed on your invoice as a separate line item. Proofs are priced at $0.20 per page, plus a $30.00 set up fee which includes a preflight check as well as USPS Priority shipping. As a general rule, we do not sell proofs separate from book orders.

What if I need to make changes to my proof, or do not like it?

Any changes you need to make to your proof should be done in the file according to what you see in the proof. We cannot make changes for you, and we cannot match the proof to prints provided by you. Once you have made changes to your file, please resubmit your edited files. You can then choose whether you want to see another proof, or go to production. Additional proofs cost the same as the first proof. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of your proof, we will refund your deposit less the cost of the printed proof and shipping.

How much does it cost to make a book?

The cost of books can vary greatly depending on the type of book, size, color page count vs. black and white page count, finishing options, and quantity. To get an idea of how much your specific book order would cost, please use our online price calculator.

Do you offer a rush service?

We do offer rush production service on a case-by-case basis. Availability will be determined at our discretion, as it depends on our current work load as well as the specific requirements of your book. Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for softcovers and 3-4 weeks for hardcovers. If we are able to accommodate your book project on a rush basis, the additional fee schedule is below:

Softcovers required in less than 10 business days or less: add 25% to the per book price.
Softcovers required in less than 7 business days or less: add 50% to the per book price.
Hardcovers (without foil stamping) required in less than 14 business days or less: add 25% to the per book price.
Hardcovers (without foil stamping) required in less than 10 business days or less: add 50% to the per book price.
Hardcovers (with foil stamping) required in less than 14 business days or less: add 50% to the per book price.
Hardcovers (with foil stamping) required in less than 10 business days or less cannot be accommodated.

Please contact us directly if you require rush order service.

How will my books be shipped?

Your books will be securely packed by our team, and shipped UPS Ground. This service takes 1-5 business days within the United States, depending on the location of the delivery address. Local pick up is available, as well as expedited shipping, but please be advised that shipping books expedited is very costly. Large shipments have the option of being sent more safely and cheaply via freight on a pallet. USPS is also available when necessary. We do not ship with FedEx.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are happy to ship internationally. However, please note that books are heavy and the cost is often prohibitive. Also, customs and import taxes will be billed to the receiver. Our recommended shipping method for international shipments is UPS. UPS is more expensive than USPS, but it is more reliable and significantly faster.

How much will it cost to ship my books?

The shipping cost will be calculated based on the quantity and weight of your books, as well as the final destination. Since we will not know the weight of your books until they are completed, your initial invoice does not include shipping. Actual shipping costs will be billed when the order is completed and packed. Shipments split into more than three addresses will incur a $50 handling fee. Once we receive payment from you, we will ship your books.

Why should I choose Keystone for my project?

Keystone Digital Press manufactures short-run books of unmatched quality and customization. We have the best print quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, and offer a wide variety of finishing options that are not available elsewhere. We care about the product we make, and every order receives individualized attention. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers, and strive to offer a more personalized self-publishing and book production service.

Our team has a wide range of finely tuned skills, from advanced color management to incredibly precise hand work. We are among the few short-run book companies truly making books to order. We do not lock you into preset sizes and formats, and our materials and options are unmatched. Our prices are also very competitive – especially for larger quantities.

What if there is a problem with my order?

It is rare, but sometimes mistakes are made in production or shipping. Please contact us immediately if there is something amiss. If we determine we were responsible and promptly notified, we will rectify the order with refund, remake or credit on your next order. We are not responsible for any errors with the files you submit, including issues like low resolution images, improper bleeds, or typos.

How are your books bound?

All of our books are perfect bound unless your order is larger than 500 books, in which case sewn binding is an option. We use an adhesive called PUR (Polyurethane Resin) for every glued book we make. PUR is very strong and flexible. Our patented Italian binding machines create well-bound, easy to open books that will last. We guarantee our bindings for normal use. If a page pulls out under normal conditions, we will repair or replace the book.

What are my laminate options?

If you choose to have your cover laminated, you have a choice of gloss, semi-matte or matte laminate. This decision only applies to softcovers, printed wraps, dust jackets and inset images. Laminate on printed wraps and inset images is required, and optional on softcovers and dust jackets. Generally we recommend applying a laminate as it adds protection and durability. If you choose not to laminate your cover, you should have a light overall design or a primarily white background.

Gloss laminate provides a high sheen finish which is resistant to dirt and smudging, while matte laminate feels softer in the hands. Semi-matte laminate is scuff proof, offering much of the protection gloss laminate provides without the shiny surface. When choosing your laminate, please consider that matte laminates dulls dark colors, while a gloss laminate preserves a rich black. This may alter the appearance of your cover.

How do I get an ISBN for my book?

While you do not need an ISBN in order to make a book, some customers may decide to get an ISBN. This is particularly useful for larger book orders that will be distributed widely. If you decide to include an ISBN in your book this will have to be included in the book design. Keystone is not involved in this process, and ISBN's can easily be purchased online at http://www.isbn.org/