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At Keystone Digital Press, we make custom sized books to order. We know that everyone's budget is different, and knowing how much your project will cost is crucial to getting started. Therefore we have built an easy tool for you to price out your custom book order.

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Pricing is based on printing from print-ready PDF files. Books are printed full color on your choice of paper.

  • First two online soft proofs are free, each additional proof is $25

  • A hard copy proof is a fully printed hard copy of your book order including all printed items, such as contents trimmed to size, printed covers and inset images. Please note that proofs are unbound and cover proofs are not laminated. Hard copy proof is $45 plus $.025 per page and includes shipping.


    Once you submit your print-ready files, our prepress team will review them to ensure that they are prepared correctly and in accordance with our print specifications. You will be notified of any concerns we have about your print file preparation, and you will receive clear instructions if edits are required.

    Heavy ink coverage and/or bleeds may be subject to additional charges. Once we recieve your files we will inform you if there will be any additional charges.

    Price does not include shipping — shipping costs billed separately. Pennsylvania deliveries subject to sales tax.

  • Case Laminate Bound Books


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Full Color Case Laminate Books...

Case wrapped books give you the most design options for a hardcover book, as the cover is printed before it is applied to the book. One source of occasional confusion is that this printed cover is not separate from the cover, but rather applied permanently to the book board in the same manner as the cloth or leather of case bound books. Click here to see the construction of your book.

Of course, since your design is printed, you can choose any design for your cover. After printing, your cover will be laminated, and we offer both matte and gloss laminate options. Your choice will come down to your preferences for the particular project.

Click here for cover layout guide.

Other Options...

An end sheet – also known as a fly leaf – is not part of the book block but instead glues the block into the cover of the book for case bound and case wrapped books. End sheets are a specially made, thicker paper that are durable enough to secure the block permanently into the cover. Standard end sheets are white and contain no printing, though custom colors and print options are also available.

end sheets

Cover Layout Guide


Case Laminate Construction

case construction

Interior Papers

Our books are printed on high quality papers made by trusted and environmentally responsible American paper mills. We have chosen papers from Neenah, Mohawk, and Domtar which print beautifully on our presses and help to create strong and reliable bound books. Many of the papers we use are manufactured using renewable energy, and all are FSC certified.

Super Smooth Uncoated

This paper is best for art, photography and illustration books. The super smooth surface and bright white base allow for the most accurate and vivid color reproduction. If you have many images in your books, this is likely the best paper for your book. We stock this paper in three weights, and the page count of your book will dictate which weight will be used. In this stock we carry 60lb, 70lb, 80lb and 100lb text weight.

Bright White Uncoated Text

We suggest using this paper for books which are primarily text, such as poetry, fiction and memoirs. This paper is slightly rougher and toothier than our photo & art paper described above. Color images still print very nicely on this stock, though it feels more appropriate for text based books. We stock this paper in 70lb and 80lb text weight, though lighter weights are available for books with high page counts.

80lb Matte Text

80lb Matte Text incorporates a non-reflective finish that helps reduce glare and makes pages soft to the touch. This makes it a great choice for books with combinations of text and images.

70lb and 80lb Gloss Text

70lb or 80lb Gloss Text are a great option for authors looking to make a lasting impact. The reflective coating utilized by this stock adds a layer of sheen to your content, perfect for books with lots of color images.

Bright White Uncoated Vellum

We have added this luxurious vellum paper to our line in response to our customers request to have a more toothy paper for their books. This is a bright white paper with good opacity and thickness. The vellum surface texture appears slightly more matte than the super smooth uncoated stock. Color images print well on this paper, though blacks will not print quite as dark as they would on the Super Smooth Uncoated described above. We stock this paper in 70lb text weight only.