Digital book production gives titles virtually unlimited availability. It is the ideal platform to ensure sustainable profitability when you reprint titles - back list titles or out-of-print works. The key challenge for publishers lies beyond best-seller lists.

The bottom line has to be profitability. Given conventional production, some books would never be published — because the run length fails to generate enough revenue to cover production costs.

Digital book production allows for shorter print runs and better inventory control while at the same time increasing the number of new titles which, because of budget constraints, would have otherwise been unavailable.

The short run market has solidified and has become a strong publishing segment creating new revenue sources while delivering a greater variety of published materials to a diverse marketplace.


  • Store titles in our virtual warehouse, always ready to print.
  • Print only what you need when you need it.
  • Quick turnaround.

  • Fulfillment Services—You can also reduce overhead by authorizing KD Press to function as your fulfillment house, becoming your invisible partner in getting orders to customers.